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Health-Care CTO
Digital Health Specialist
Technical Director

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Over 10 Years of Experience

3 Startups +100M$

US, European & Middle East Market

Amin Moradi - Technical Director

Amin Moradi


Bastion Health, USA

"This is made possible through their groundbreaking AI-powered app, offering seamless access to urologists and men's health specialists.

Bastion Health’s app provides swift and hassle-free consultations, diagnostic testing, in-depth assessments, and tailored clinical treatment plans." - The Healthcare Technology Report 2023


Build fast,
Scale Faster;
That's what I do.




Bastion Health uses technology to improve male reproductive and prostate health. Bastion offer at-home testing kits and a platform connecting men with physicians for comprehensive care. Bastion's goal is accessible and affordable healthcare. Bastion raised $6.5M to be the first men digital clinic.


ML Consultant

Helping RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) leverage Federated Machine Learning on a distributed network of hospitals across Netherlands. A collaboration with LIACS during the pandemic.  




Amongst the very first publicly available AI generative services.

DrawMyText generates unique images from text prompts using a wide range of AI models. A unique project, built in 21 days and over 100 paying customers joining daily.

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